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Cibiana di Cadore and the tradition of Murals

Cibiana di Cadore is located in the small valley of the Rite stream surrounded by beautiful mountains.

The town is best known for the murals painted on the walls of houses by Italian and foreign painters who, with their art, tell the stories of life in the country, and instill joy and curiosity to all who see them.

Another must-see is the wonderful “Museum in the Clouds” on Mount Rite, born from the idea of ​​the famous climber Reinhold Messner, from which you can see a unique panorama, and you can learn the history of the Dolomites.

Other attractions are the panoramic walks: from the old mines of Vallinferna, Ronzei and Ciarsies, which tell the importance of iron in these areas, and the winding all’alta via n. 3 of the Dolomites ranging from Rite to Sassolungo, to Tovanelle, to Copada towards Bosco Negro and Forcella Bella, to the Ciampestrin refuge.

In Cibiana there is also the “SCI CLUB Cibiana”, at which you can practice cross-country skiing in a 7.5 km loop path with night lighting and technical assistance. You can visit an adventure park, play in the two summer tennis courts that act as an ice rink in winter and play football in their respective fields. Local craftsmanship is very prolific and you can buy some excellent “SCARPETE” or “ZESTOI” (types of shoes).

The Tradition of Murals

Cibiana di Cadore, located in the green of its valley, offers visitors, in addition to the natural beauties, a series of artistic and cultural attractions that make the small town a great place to visit.

First of all the exceptional representation of the MURALES, wall frescoes, masterfully painted by Italian and foreign painters who, with their fifty and more forms of expression, recount and describe the history of the village.

Then there is the famous “Museum in the Clouds” on Mount Rite, made by Reinhold Messner, from where you can admire panoramas of incomparable beauty.

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