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Here we suggest the attractions of the “Cadore” by dividing the tourist-cultural destinations from the naturalistic destinations.

The roar is the perfect place to spend your holidays. The visitor will feel immersed in nature and culture within a few kilometers. From Comelico to Ospitale, from Selva to Sappada, there is a mix of enchanting places and places of great cultural interest is spread throughout the territory. Nature accompanies you and surrounds you like the indisputable protagonist: from the most famous Cortina d’ampezzo and the three peaks of Lavaredo of the Dolomites with below them Misurina lake, to the wildest forests of larch and spruce to explore in long walks. In the cultural sphere, it starts from the renowned Pieve di Cadore, the hometown of the illustrious painter “Tiziano” and the Eyewear Museum, to the traces of Roman and Pre-Roman settlements.

In addition to all this, you will find hospitable people and you can taste typical products and dishes.

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