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Lozzo di Cadore is surrounded by woods and the Dolomites is a small town that developed by exploiting the waterways of the area.

La Roggia dei Mulini

The Roggia dei Mulini is a path of industrial archeology of the whole Cadore area.

The route runs alongside the Rio Rin in Lozzo di Cadore and represents various artisanal economic realities based on the exploitation of water resources: mills, sawmills, forges, wool mills.

Historically interesting is the workshop for the production of electricity, one of the first.

In the town you can visit the ancient Social Dairy of Lozzo di Cadore which has become “The Dairy Museum” , which keeps alive the historical heritage linked to crafts, which fell into disuse in the 20th century.
The dairy collected the milk to turn it into butter, cheese and ricotta which were used for the sustenance of the natives.
In the museum you can learn how the transformation of milk into everyday foods took place and still happens.

For Informations: Dairy Museum

Lozzo di Cadore - Marmarole

The Pian dei Buoi plateau overlooks the town of Lozzo di Cadore at the foot of the Marmarole, a mountain range of the Dolomite Alps.
The plateau is characterized by flat meadows and hills and valleys used for grazing.

It is a wonderful natural landscape and an exciting destination for hikers and cyclists.
You can admire some of the most beautiful Dolomite peaks including the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and, of course , the Marmarole group.

Along the area you can see war remnants of the great war such as trenches and defensive equipment.

for history lovers you can book guided tours along the plateau that take you back in time to the Great War with the sight of war relics and trenches throughout the area.

It is also an opportunity for photography lovers. A landscape like this cannot be missing in the archive of a good landscape photographer.

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