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The Marmarole and the Day of Silence

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The Marmarole and the Day of Silence

The Marmarole are a mountain group in the Dolomites located in the center of the Cadore Valley. They are located in the area of Calalzo di cadore but can be seen on a clear day until from the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

They are divided into 3 main parts

Western Group

They extend in the shape of an amphitheater within which we find the Val di Mezzo. The main mountain is the Forcella with its Torre dei Sabbioni and the Corno del Doge.

Central Group

They slope towards the north and include one of the most evocative valleys of central Cadore, the Val d’Oten, a destination for excursions and adventure. The area is full of paths where you can admire woods, streams, and the possibility of reaching the “Pile Waterfall” generated by the Oten stream which owes its water to the glacier located on Mount Antelao.

Eastern Group

This group is a little lower than its two mountainous brothers but no less rich in routes to follow. The main refuges are Ciaréido and Baion.


marmarole dolomities cadore

Queen Tanna and the day of silence

A legend cannot be missing that makes us fantasize about this wonderful mountain group.

The day of silence is the day when Queen Tanna must pay a pledge for having betrayed the Marmarole and I croderes to follow her future husband, the prince of Aquileia.
The “Croderes” are heartless stone beings and depend on the guidance of their Queen. They have always lived in the mountains that make up the Marmarole.

From the union of the prince and the queen a son was born, Salvanel, who however is not accepted by his father and in the future dies falling into a crevasse of the marmarole

The day of Silence is the day when Queen Tanna goes to the ice palace of “Cimon di Froppa”, with her black dress and her face covered with a veil. She wears the blue crown and sits between the coffins of her son and daughter-in-law Marcora. On this day all the inhabitants can move between the mountains and all are safe from danger.

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