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Pozzale di Cadore – Photographic Walk

Pozzale di Cadore tells us the story of Mountain People who they live in the small town of the Dolomites.
And this is how blow-ups are posted on the houses of the town which tell the story of Pozzale di Cadore and not only that but also of other mountain towns around the world.

The project explains that:

“Countries are not walls, houses, streets or fountains. They are the people who live there, who open the windows in the morning to let the air pass through, who walk along the streets, who greet each other when they cross paths and know how to give directions to those who ask, because they are not local.
The current depopulation of small mountain municipalities and their hamlets, which also affects Cadore, leads to the cultural emptying of the territories, to the loss of vital forces and the ability to act and to the lowering , real or perceived, of the quality of life

Mountain People aims to enhance the mountains, first and foremost the Cadore mountains but not only. Through a journey of images of people who live in the mountains, crossing cultures from all over the world, the project aims to tell the story of the links and interactions between men, the environment and the land in mountainous areas.

The idea is to make the inhabitants of the mountains more aware of the meaning of the places in which they live and push them to be active citizens who build projects and new models of future life and push tourists to become, in turn, responsible and supportive citizens and not simple consumers, in a mutual exchange of cultures and knowledge.

The route, which develops through the streets of Pozzale, today presents 101 images printed and displayed on the walls of houses in different formats and were collected by the families of the town, by friends and acquaintances from other countries in the world .
The photographs on display come not only from Cadore, but also from Lombardy, Friuli, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Spain, Iran, Northern Vietnam and Nepal. To these will be added, in the future, others.

The exhibition is permanent, the photographs will remain available to all those who travel to Pozzale and can be viewed every day of the year, at all hours of the day.
At night, at dawn, in the rain or snow, with the sun or at sunset you will meet the mountain people.”

(quote taken from the gentedimontagna.eu website)

The exhibition is permanent and can be visited at any time.
A walk in the heart of the town is enough.

There are approximately 101 photos hanging and are supported by a guided map that can be found at the starting point of the itinerary.

An opportunity not to be missed, a cultural walk that will also be good for your health 🙂

In collaboration with the Municipality of Pieve di Cadore and the Regola of Pozzale di Cadore

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