Lorenzago di Cadore

Lorenzago di Cadore

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Lorenzago di Cadore is among the 22 municipalities that are part of the Magnificent Cadorina Community.
It rises on the left of the Piave River and is the last town in Cadore before entering the Friuli area through the Mauria Pass.

The town is known as the main holiday resort especially in the summer months, so much so that Pope Givanni Paolo II made it the destination of his holidays for 7 years.
The destination was also chosen by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007.

But the natural landscape that surrounds it is a real panacea for relaxation and well-being for the many tourists who decide to stay in Lorenzago di Cadore.

Culture, Associations and Leisure

At the citizens’ disposal there is a well-stocked library and in the territory of Lorenzago di cadore there are several associations supporting the community.

Reverse skiing and summer walks are the main sport that tourists, but also residents, do during the year enjoying the spectacular views of the country.

Mauria Pass

The Mauria pass marks the eastern border between Veneto and Friuli FVG.

From here, starting point from the Bar restaurant located along the road. a hiking trail starts.
Along the way you can find historical and environmental information. The wood in the surrounding area is beautiful and there are panoramic views of the trees.
From the china of the walk you can see among the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites including the Three Peaks of Lavaredo on the sofndo, and on the left the meastanza of the mmonte Antelao. On the right, instead, you can see Mount Tudaio which guards the posts dating back to the Great War.

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