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Sappada is a town that is part of Comelico. A place where nature is uncontaminated and the beauty of the surrounding mountains creates breathtaking landscapes.

The town winds along the valley, from east to west, and is bordered by the Piave river, which has its sources right within the municipal territory (1250 meters above sea level)

The inhabited center is surrounded by the highest peaks, of which we mention Monte Peralba (2700 m), and is surrounded by coniferous forests and meadows that serve as fodder in summer and as ski slopes in winter. The local language was born at the dawn of time and is mainly a variant of Austrian. In fact, the name of Sappada in the native language is “Plodn”.

The country’s economy develops around tourism. In summer it is a popular destination for health goers and those seeking relaxation even through walking; In winter it is equipped with various ski and sports facilities and refuges.

Sappada – A pearl in the Dolomites

The town of Sappada is made up of 14 villages, each with its own characteristics. It is surrounded by the evocative mountains of the Domitic Alps which can be visited with relaxing walks.

A holiday in Sappada means relaxation, concerts are organized during the summer and skiing cannot be missed in the winter months.

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