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The route of the Dolomites

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The route of the Dolomites is a bicycle walk along the entire Cadore

For bicycle lovers there is an interesting route that connects Calalzo di Cadore to Cortina D’Ampezzo.

This is the cycle tourism path that connects Calalzo di Cadore, Cortina D’Ampezzo and Dobbiaco along the old Cadore railway.
This is a part of“The long way of the Dolomites”which includes a vast network of routes ranging from the province of Belluno to South Tyrol.

The landscapes that can be admired along the The route of the Dolomites are among the most beautiful that can be crossed and enjoying them by bike calmly and relaxed means making a holiday unforgettable.
Woods and typical villages surrounded by the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites are the backdrop to your walk; the route also includes the Ampezzo Dolomites Natural Park.
Among the mountains to see areAntelao, Pelmo, Marcora, Faloria, Cristallo, Le Cinque Torri and Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

A large portion of the cycle path runs along the stretch of the old railway, which retains its original and intact characteristics as in the early twentieth century.
The track is gentle and safe, so no Superman effort to tackle it!
An exception is the stretch that leads from San Vito to Cortina D’Ampezzo, where a route has been built that follows the Boite river: this stretch is a little more steep with uphills, downhills and zigzags; and the Vodo di Cadore stretch that runs alongside the road, but an alternative route is being built.
The entire route is mostly asphalted, in a few areas dirt but always easy, so as not to create difficulties for the cyclist.

The route of the Dolomites – How to do the route and its attractions

The ideal departure is from Calalzo di Cadore – Train Station, where you can easily arrive by bicycle. You can also start from the Piazza di Pieve di Cadore, go down to the right towards Sottocastello and quickly join the road that comes from Calalzo.
You can hardly get lost as everything is well signposted by various tables.

We continue with Valle di Cadore with its illuminated tunnels and continue through comfortable curves and magnificent landscape.
In Borca di Cadore the large clearing that appears before your eyes will have an impact, with Mount Pelmo and Mount Antelao in the background.
From San Vito di Cadore begins an up and down road that reaches the center of Cortina.
After the bus station, take the continuation of the long asphalted railway and head towards Fiames.
We recommend quenching your thirst at the water fountain located under the Codivilla hospital.
From here on the road becomes a little more difficult; After passing two tunnels and the iron bridge, you reach Ospitale, a hotel with a nearby church that was once an ancient hospice for pilgrims.

A little more pedaling and you reach Cimabanche which, with its 1550 meters of height, marks the culmination of the climb. Here it is already Alto Adige, you pass Carbonin, a destination in the past for aristocratic holidays, Lake Leandro… and soon you arrive in Dobbiaco.

How could you not want to take an excursion so perfect for alpine cycling enthusiasts?

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