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Culture in Cadore is certainly one of the strong points of the area.
There are museums, palaces and monuments available to tourists. During the year, musical events are organized throughout the area.

One of the most important institutions of the Cadore culture in the area is certainly the Magnificent Community of Cadore and represents the entire Cadorina community.

Forte Monte Ricco

The museum was born from the will of Vittorio Tabacchi, then president of the “Safilo” factory in the 1950s and 1960s. The museum tells the history and evolution of this object, of scientific studies over the years.

It also documents the evolution of the industries that produce glasses in the Belluno province.

culture and Monte Ricco Fort

Il Messner Mountain Museum

The Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites was built on Mount Rite in the heart of the Cadore valley by will of the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner.

It is set up by renovating an old fort from the Second World War and is dedicated to the Rocks and tells stories of exploration and mountaineering with them.

Culture Museo Messner

Il Museo dell'Occhiale

The Eyewear Museum was born from an idea of Vittorio Tabacchi, President of the famous “Safilo” in 1959 after the success of two important exhibitions dedicated to the evolution of eyewear over time.

The museum tells the story, uses and customs of this object which over the years has become not only an important health aid, but also a fashion icon that likes to be shown off.

The eyewear museum also tells the story of the Cadore industry which specialized in the production of glasses.

Culture in Cadore

Tiziano vecellio's Home

Pieve di Cadore was the birthplace of Tiziano Vecellio. But he refined his technique with studies in Venice under the guidance of illustrious masters including Giovanni Bellini
The pictorial hand of the artist Tiziano Vecellio is famous throughout the world. His works are full of expressions of life.

His inventiveness and his insatiable desire to paint led him to create works throughout Italy and then export them around the world.

culture of Cadore Tiziano Vecellio
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