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The Tre Cime di Lavaredo

  /  The Tre Cime di Lavaredo

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The most proud attraction in the area is absolutely the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are located within the Dolomiti park where these three solitary rocks stand.

the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Alta Pusteria became in the 20th century a beloved destination and have lost none of their charm since. The mountain massif in the Dolomites attracts thousands of hiking, climbing and ski mountaineering enthusiasts every year.

It is divided into:

  • Cima Grande: 2999 m
  • West Summit: 2973 m
  • Small summit: 2857 m

Cima Grande is the highest peak, as well as the central one, it is a steep wall of over 500 m also called “Direttissima“. The normal route on Cima Grande crosses the south face, also used for the descent. The Cima Ovest is slightly lower and its north face is similar to that of the larger peak, however it has more overhangs. The Cima Piccola, small only compared to the other two, is considered by climbers to be the most difficult peak. The best-known itinerary winds along the south-west face with fourth degree difficulty.

How to get to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo?

There are various routes suitable for everyone to reach the Tre cime di Lavaredo, from the easiest to the most challenging, which we present below.

  • From Misurina by car/bus:
    Travel times: approximately 3 hours
    The most convenient way to reach the Tre Cime is to go up by bus or by car to the car park at the Auronzo refuge, at 2,320 m above sea level. Here you find yourself at the foot of the southern side of the Tre Cime. The walk to the Locatelli refuge is simple and accessible to everyone. Or go through Lake Antorno (you can also get here by car), initially climb very gently through woods and meadows, up to the steepest and most rocky. Travel times: approximately 3 hours to the Auronzo refuge.
  • From Val Campo di Dentro:
    Travel times: 5-6 hours (round trip)
    Less known perhaps, but very panoramic is the route, which from the Tre Scarperi refuge, at the bottom of Val Campo di Dentro, climbs along path no. 105 towards the Toblin Tower, and from here towards the right up to the Locatelli refuge.</li >
  • From the Landro Valley near Dobbiaco:
    Travel times: approx. 6 hours (round trip)
    Demanding! This ascent requires good physical training, because you have to overcome a difference in altitude of 1,000 metres. On the other hand, it does not present any technical difficulties. The starting point is the car park at the panoramic point of the Three Peaks, and as the name already reveals: you will almost always have the famous triad in front of you in plain sight.
  • From Val Fiscalina di Sesto:
    Travel times: 7-8 hours (round trip)
    It is the classic climb for all walking enthusiasts with good training in Alta Pusteria: from Val Fiscalina to Sesto you pass through the Fondo Valle refuge, you first go up to the Comici refuge, then to the Pian di Cengia refuge, to finally arrive at the Locatelli refuge at the Tre Cime. To complete the tour, descend through Val Sassovecchio to the starting point.

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