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The Messner Mountain Museum

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Messner Mountain Museum or called the Museum in the Clouds is an attraction that leaves the tourist breathless. Its spectacular view of the surrounding valleys is something that remains inside and makes those who see it dream.

One step away from heaven

Nestled in the greenery of its valley and surrounded by splendid mountains, 1050 meters above sea level, Cibiana di Cadore offers visitors, in addition to natural beauty, a series of artistic-cultural attractions that make the small town a large town.

The main attraction of the place that interests us at the moment, however, is the now famous “Messner Mountain Museum” on Mount Rite, created by Reinhold Messner, from where you can admire a panorama of incomparable beauty.

Between Pieve di Cadore and Cortina d’Ampezzo the “Messner Mountain Museum” must be absolutely visited. A unique and enchanting museum, suitable for those who love the mountains and their landscapes. Located almost 2200 m high, from the windows of the museum you can observe the peaks of the surrounding mountains: Marmolada, Antelao, Sorapis, Tofana di Rozes, Monte Pelmo, Monte Civetta, Cimon della Pala, Monte Agnèr, Monte Schiara.

Inside the museum we find the secrets of mountaineering on display and discover how its history and that of the exploration of the Dolomites developed.

In the central nave there are works from the private collection of Reinhold Messner, a well-known South Tyrolean climber.

Located in one of the Cadore forts built for the Great War, the “Messner Mountain Museum” exhibits the rock as a fundamental element. In fact we can see the origin of the Dolomite rocks.

There are fossils of shells and palm ferns dating back to prehistoric times. These findings remind us that with the passing of the Ages, what were once sea beds, have become very high mountains.

Leaving the Messner Mountain Museum the view is enchanting. Seeing the clouds sometimes lower than the visitor, the building was also renamed the “Museum in the Clouds”

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