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Vigo di Cadore

Vigo di Cadore is a Cadorina locality located at an altitude of 951 meters and it is located on the right of the Piave river which then flows into the Centro Cadore lake.

This small town owes its wealth to the timber trade and the manufacture of glasses, but in recent years tourism has developed due to the surrounding landscapes and the culture it offers.

In Vigo there are various churches to visit:

  • The Church of San Martino built in the 16th century on the foundations of an ancient church from the 1200s. Inside we can find frescoes by the painter Tommaso Da Rin and Besarèl wood carvings.
  • The Church of San’Orsola stands in the square of Vigo di Cadore built in the 14th century following a Gothic style. and preserves frescoes by Tintoretto inside.
  • Other minor churches are located around Vigo di Cadore but no less important such as the church of Sant ‘Antonio Abate, the church of the Beata Vergine, the church of Santa Margherita and the church of San Bernardino.

Guardian of Cadore history

The “Cadorina Historical Library” was founded in 1892 at the former municipal building of Vigo di Cadore at the behest of Antonio Ronzon, who during his life created a study center on Cadore by collecting photographic material, documents and parchments.

The Library is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Cadorino Historical Archive
  2. Cadorina Library
  3. Universal Library

The cataloging of historical and photographic documents is still in progress.

The Mountains

Nature and its landscapes are an integral part of the municipality of Vigo di Cadore.
The village is located in the center of the Tudaio mountains, Schiavon of the Bretoni mountain group and by the Cadini di Laggio.
From here many excursions lead to historical places related to the Great War. For example, on Monte Tudaio and Col Ciampon we can find some old military positions made by Mussolini between the thirties and forties.

Casera rocket is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the municipality of Vigo di Cadore. From here you can admire the wide pastures of the summer months and in the winter months the snow is the setting.
Studded with casere, huts and mountain huts, Vigo di cadore is an excellent starting point for excursions and outdoor activities in summer and winter.You can learn to ski thanks to the ski school.

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