Il Cadore, How and Why

Il Cadore, a holiday area in the Dolomites, UNESCO heritage, rich in tradition and culture. The valley is located on the border with Austria, close between Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

An unspoilt area that encompasses within itself spectacular valleys and mountains. From the Dolomites almost to Belluno, crossed by the river Piave, it stretches, with its breathtaking landscapes and its characteristic beauties.

The Cadore is suitable for those who love nature, but also for those seeking culture, through the works of Titian and the Museum dell’occhiale to the pearl of a city, Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Between sports, relaxation and culture, tourists certainly find their perfect vacation.

it’s an unmissable region, when are you coming?


The Dolomities

The beauty of these places lies in nature.

The sun that Shines on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in summer, the snowy peaks of the Tofane in winter, the woods at dawn and the sunsets on the lake make Cadore perfect in all seasons.

The walks that unwind for kilometers on the slopes of the Dolomitic Alps, along paths that border villages and lakes are a perfect habitat for those who want to spend a holiday full of health.

A place where you can also get in touch with God, for those who believe, entering one of the many churches that the area offers.

An earthly paradise that also welcomed Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

Finally, Cadore also knows how to pose for those with a passion for photography.


The Traditions

The people of Cadore preserve their traditions intact.
A people that has adapted to the territory and constantly safeguards it.

From the use of skis and snowshoes, born to move in the surrounding areas, to the conservation of the woods that in 1600 were the main source for the naval army of the Serenissima.

Homeland of great artists such as “Titian”, his house is protected and some works, also of master craftsmen skillful especially in the field of optics.

In addition, in the culinary field, local recipes continue to be handed down while keeping production of products linked to pastoralism alive.

The Marmarole and the Day of Silence

The Marmarole are a mountain group of the Dolomites located in the center of the Cadore Valley

San Vito di Cadore – Between Blue and Green

San Vito di Cadore is the last town before entering Ampezzano

The Legend of Misurina

Misurana a and the creation of its lake. Myths and legends of the Cadorina Valley

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