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Typical dishes of Cadore cuisine

The dishes of Cadore cuisine have similarities with the similar ones of Alto Adige and Austria, sometimes retaining their Teutonic name. A simple and poor cuisine, but rich in flavor.

The Canederli

Those who go to Cadore cannot fail to try the Canederli or bread balls flavored with speck or spinach.
These meatballs are then served in hot broth or with melted butter. A typical delight of Cadore cuisine especially in Cortina D’Ampezzo.

cadore cuisine

The Casunziei

We are in Cadore and therefore we must try the Casunziei. Half-moon ravioli filled with beetroot or potato. They are usually served with melted butter and poppy seeds. A real treat to try.

cadore cuisine - i casunziei

Stew Capriolo

Other typical dishes of Cadore cuisine are undoubtedly the “Stew of roe deer” according to ancient Cadore recipes. A real delicacy for lovers of wild cuisine.

Cadore cousine

Polenta and mushrooms

Polenta with mushrooms is another dish that shows the characteristics of the Cadore Valley. Mushrooms are a resource of the area. Between September and November they can be collected, subject to the issue of a license, throughout the area.Chiodini, Porcini, Finferli” are among the most popular mushrooms in the whole Cadore area and with them you can savor exquisite recipes.

Cadore cousine

... and more

Food and wine is the host among excellent wines and typical food products of the area. In these pristine valleys, agriculture and pastoralism dominate. In the green pastures the cows and sheep feed while in the woods the game grows. Here people produce milk products as they used to do in the past.

The cattle are raised with respect for the animals themselves. Beekeepers raise bees to obtain honey, wax, royal jelly, but also for the pollination of fruit trees. In these valleys apples, legumes and vegetables are grown. Furthermore, the well-known Cadore wines are obtained from the vineyards. The typical local products of Cadore are Venetian wines, sausages, apples, honey. In short, food and wine is represented here in all its forms.

Cheese and honey

In Cadore cuisine there are also dairy products such as cheese. One of the best known is undoubtedly Il Piave produced with the milk of the cows that graze on the Dolomite mountains.

Another resource of Cadore cuisine is Honey. The collection of it still takes place in a traditional and artisanal way and requires experience and skills to position the hives in the right place to safeguard the development of the bee colonies.

Wine and spirits in Cadore cuisine

The wines produced in the area are the classic cabernet, merlot, Picolit and pinot. Il Carso D’OC has an eye on it. A wine of pride for the inhabitants of the area with an intense, harmonious and dry flavor characteristic.

Plum liqueur is a distillate produced from plums used as a digestive.
Another product that is the master is the grappa that can be tasted in the various taverns located along the Cadore valley.

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