San Vito di cadore

San Vito di Cadore – Between Blue and Green

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San Vito di cadore

San Vito di Cadore – Between Blue and Green

a Few Km from Cortina D'Ampezzo

A few kilometers from Cortina d’Ampezzo San Vito di Cadore is the last town before entering Ampezzano. Surrounded by beautiful Dolomite peaks, San Vito di Cadore rises in the valley of the Boite Torrent.

The Seasons in San Vito di Cadore

San Vito di Cadore offers various opportunities for recreation to mountain lovers whether it is a summer or winter destination.
San Vito is an ideal vacation spot, during the summer you cannot miss hiking or climbing the surrounding mountains.
For lovers of two wheels, on the other hand, there are a whole series of tours that can be done with a mountain bike.

In winter, however, we have a rich ski area. The slopes have various difficulties suitable for all levels of experience from the beginner to the more experienced.

Not just skiing in San Vito di Cadore

For lovers of tranquility, instead, San Vito offers the possibility of taking walks and “snowshoeing” in the surrounding areas.
A few minutes away you can reach Cortina D’Ampezzo where, besides skiing, we have the ice rink for skating lovers.

San Vito di Cadore

The Dolomites and the lakes

The Belluno Dolomites that surround not only San Vito di Cadore but the whole Cadore Valley are simply a unique spectacle.
UNESCO has declared these majestic mountains a natural world heritage and they deserve them all.

On clear summer days, but also in winter, while driving towards the location of San Vito you can admire all their majesty. They stand straight and seem to reach up to the sky, creating scenarios worthy of being immortalized especially by lovers of alpine photography.

The mosigo Lake

Lake Mosigo is certainly a place to visit in San Vito. It is an area that offers relaxing walks in nature surrounded by the Croda Marcora, Antelao, Sorapis and Pelmo mountains.

The lake has a refreshment area, a playground for the little ones and various picnic areas for moments of serenity with family or friends.

From San Vito di Cadore it is easy to reach the lake and it only takes about ten minutes walking along the dedicated path.
Mosigo lake is also known as “San Vito lake”.

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