Lago Centro cadore

Centro Cadore Lake

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Centro Cadore Lake

Centro Cadore Lake

Centro Cadore lake is certainly one of the largest in the Cadore valley. It was born with the construction of a dam in the locality of Sottocastello di Cadore in the 1950s to want to create some hydroelectric power plants wanted by “Sade”, an electricity company that later became ENEL.

The Centro Cadore lake flanks 6 municipalities of Cadore on the left side: Pieve, Calalzo, Domegge, Lozzo, Vigo and Lorenzago.

The right side or reachable from two bridges in Domegge di Cadore while the Sottocastello dam can be used by cars and you can easily go to the other side.

Centro Cadore Lake: outdoor activities.
There are starting points for excursions that lead to explore the surrounding woods and it is possible to do nautical activities such as windsurfing and canoeing.

For sun and bath lovers there are two locations equipped for this.

The Miralago beach in Pieve Cadore, Sottocastello. Here you can rent pedal boats and take a relaxing “walk” on the lake and appreciate all its splendor.

the Baia del chalet in Calalzo di Cadore is another meeting point for those who want to sunbathe and take a bath. Lagole is known for its sulphurous water springs and for the “Laghetto delle Tose”. A place to go to cool off during the summer heat.

In Vallesella, a hamlet of Domegge di cadore it is possible to find two other small beaches at the ends of the bridge to relax in the sun and take a refreshing bath. A bar is also available for dining and camping where you can spend a few days in nature.

But not only sun….
Many are lovers of fishing and who come to stay. You can do sport fishing or fishing on the lake.

For information and licenses and places where you can fish you can find all the information on

And for the more daring?

The wall of the Sottocastello dam has become a Climbing gym. Climbing enthusiasts have 3 more or less easy areas at their disposal where they can try their hand at this adventure sport.

Some glimpses of Lake Centro Cadore

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